Quick Note on the Site Organization

Quick internal note:

As I want this site to become a repository that is easily accessible and searchable while I’m adding more and more posts and reviews, in addition to the genre tagging I used to do I’ve just added a composer category that you can easily click on if you’re interested in a certain composer.

If you’re looking for a specific Jazz album, you can search by category as well, use the tag cloud, or just to free text.

And as usual, I really appreciate your feedback if you feel this site is well structured and intuitive or you have suggestions for improvements!

Author: Musicophile

I'm not a professional musician, I don't work in the music industry, I'm just what the name says, somebody who loves music. I've been in love with music for all of my life, took piano lessons for nearly 10 years, and played in several amateur Jazz groups. I go to concerts, both classical and Jazz, quite regularly. And I collect music previously on vinyl and CDs, now on my computer, and am slightly OCD on my music collection. You can reach me at Musicophile1(AT)gmail.com

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