About this blog

Does the world need another blog? Probably not. Do I expect anybody to read this? Probably neither.

So why write it? Just because I care enough about the topic. This site will help me organize my thoughts.

What you’ll find here

As the title implies, I’ll be writing mainly about Jazz and Classical music (defined roughly as Baroque to the 1920s), as those are the areas I’m most passionate about, but may occasionally venture into other genres as well.

If you want to get some idea what music I really like check out this post Top 10 Music That Gives Me Goose Bumps, and my 25 Essential Jazz Albums

I plan to write about new album releases that interest me (e.g. this one), report on some of my concert attendance  (see here for an example), and go to some of my all time favorite Jazz albums (e.g. here) and classical works (example) and try to explain why I care about them.

I don’t have a fixed update schedule, but usually aim to have on average at least 2 posts per week. In the occasional week where you don’t see any posts, I’m either sick, on vacation, terribly uninspired, or just too busy with my day job. Yes, that was my target in 2015: 2 posts per week. In 2016, realism kicked in, but I’m still getting done a bit more than a post per week on average. 2017 update: Traveling like crazy for work, so don’t expect new posts more often than every two weeks. Shame on me.

In any case, while you obviously should check back regularly if you find this interesting, it would be even better, if you sign up for e-mail updates, follow me via WordPress, or subscribe to my Twitter feed on the right side bar!

And if you like what you’re reading, why not share it with others?

Site Organization

If you’re looking for information on a particular album or concert, there is the free text search function on the right side bar, otherwise I try to be coherent in my category tagging, so you can simply browse the site via the category menu just below the search window, or click on a link from the “tag cloud” (you’ll find all that on the right hand side bar on a larger screen and at the bottom of the page if you’re visiting on a smart phone).

I’ve recently added the composer into my category system, for classical recordings only.

Jazz recordings are sorted by subgenre and can be found via free text and the tag cloud. I’ve more recently added a categorization by artist for the Jazz section, so you now have direct links to all reviews or articles about a given Jazz artist.

You’ll also find specific categories, e.g. Seasonal Music, or Best Jazz Covers of Pop Songs, again in the category bar on the right.


A disclaimer: You’ll rather quickly realize that English is not my native language, and while I currently speak more English every day than any other of my small handful of languages including my own (thanks to my American employer), I hope you’ll forgive the occasional weird foreign way of expressing things. I just assume you get what I mean.

If not, just ask or comment.

About me

Another disclaimer: I have no vested interest in the music or hifi industry whatsoever, my day job is  in a completely unrelated industry.

I’ve just been passionate about music all my life, having learned the piano for about 10 years, and played in a handful of amateur Jazz groups, collecting music (quite obsessively some would say), and attending concerts regularly.

How to reach me

You can reach me via Musicophile1 (at) gmail.com or via Twitter (#musicophileblog) for questions and comments, or just publish them here.

While theoretically I’m open to receiving proposals for what to review, I must admit so far I always ended up declining external requests, and simply wrote abou the stuff that I care most about.

23 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. I told you I would be back. Looks like I’m in for lots of good stuff. i just love music and jazz will be our common ground. Maybe as i go I can pick your brain on a few classical leanings. Off to the Oscar take.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes when I get my mind around it I will reach out. Strings (Violin etc) have a way of catching my ear. I listen to them a lot in my music, be it rock jazz, bluegrass. Sort of the “music soothes the savage beast” thing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sooo many. Again Ray Nance jumps into my head. Another Ellington man. Grappelli of course. To give you an idea how I got hooked and lost with the violin. Sid Paige with Dan Hicks was huge. His work on ‘I Scare Myself’ is a solo I never get tired of. Probably the first time i heard it in rock music was Rick Grech with Blind Faith.
        That will give you a small idea on which way i lean. Maybe you have something in your classical bag.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice, you like exactly the same music I like! I am american, but was born and lived most of my life in South America, so my writing may be sometimes weird as well.
    I just discovered your blog so I will start looking at your reviews and comments. I love to learn as much as I can abour what I am passionate about so thank you in advance!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi, you have a nice blog. I listen to classical music exclusively. After coming by your blog I have acquired Triosence’s Turning Points which led me to Scorpio Rising, then to Mirabassi’s Architectures and finally to Lee Morgan’s The Sidewinder. Great music and sound, thanks! Could you post a sort of “My All-Time Top 10 Piano Trio Albums” or respond here with a quick list of your favorite Piano Trio albums for me to purchase fast, adding hi-res availability when possible?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m very happy to hear that, thanks.

        Meanwhile, I’m trying to dig deeper into your lists. By now, I have finished listening to Alboran Trio’s Near Gale, Bred Mehldau’s The Art of the Trio Vol 3, Michael Wollny Trio’s Weltentraum, Horace Silver’s Songs for my Father (24/192) and Keith Jarrett’s complete At the Blue Note.

        I do not listen to classical music after mid-romantic period because I’m very sensitive (negatively) to dissonance, especially if it doesn’t resolve quickly 🙂 so I had hard time particularly with Bred Mehldau and I don’t think I’ll re-visit Horace Silver and Lee Morgan

        I’m looking forward to your top recommendations list.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Dear Musicophile,
    I hope you are doing as fine as possible.
    The reason why I am coming out of hibernation is the release of Shai Maestro’s latest album “Human”.
    I remember that you were not so impressed by “The Dream Thief” in 2018 and personally I passed it by at first listen but I did not miss his beautiful music the second time !
    “Human” is simply pure joy and happiness…especially in these complicated times.
    I wish you a happy listening !

    Kind regards,


    Liked by 1 person

  5. “Do we need another blog of music appreciation???” Your answer shares my thought – ” Just because I care enough about the topic and searching/reading/learning will help us organize thoughts.” Thank you Musicophile

    Ocean AU
    from Hong Kong

    Liked by 1 person

  6. HI Musicophile,

    I revisited your blog lately and FURTHER discovered some wonderful music by those Jazz Trios I didn’t know and yet I also found our common interest of other trios such as Helge Lien. Unlike your 50/50, I am 80/20 as classical/jazz, your interest in Bach particularly, comments on Levit and Faust, etc, echo mine. Thank you.



    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve been somewhat neglecting my blog recently as there’s a lot going on at work. This motivates me to write more frequently again.


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