Proud to Announce That My Blog Has Been Selected Among Musicaroo´s Top 100 Independent Music Blogs!

Top 100 Independent Music Blogs for 2018

I had a pleasant surprise in my email inbox last night, telling me my blog has been selected into the top 100 Independent Music Blogs for 2018.

The author of this list is Camila Rabin of Musicaroo, a very nicely done site about music teaching. Camila Rabin, the author, is a music teacher herself, and very passionate about music.

The focus of this lists are independent blogs like mine that are not owned by large corporations or media outlets.

I can affirm that this was a completely independent process, the first time I heard about this list was literally when I received said email.

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t specify musical genres, but not surprisingly, the number of blogs focusing on classical music and Jazz, both niches in itself, are only a handful in there at best.

Obviously, in the big noise of the internet, my little endeavor here is nothing but a little blip, therefore it is even nicer to receive this kind of recognition.

Given that I actually have a day job and have no time nor money to devote to actually promoting my blog as much as I probably should (professional bloggers say 20% of time should be content generation and 80% promotion, for me it is more like 90% content, 10% promotion), this is even more gratifying.

Plus, being mentioned in great company as the legendary Alex Ross (The Rest Is Noise) of the New Yorker, or  Robert Hugill of Planet Hugill, is truly an honor.

Thank you!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you, my faithful readers, for all your interest and feedback. It keeps me motivated every week to continue sharing my passion for music!